All-terrain closed cell depower kite 
The new Kitech Fly! 4 is easy to handle, responsive and has excellent depower. You can boost higher, longer and handle stronger winds. The Fly! 4 also features radically increased light wind power which lets you ride when others can only watch from the beach and wish they had a Kitech. You'll be on a plane in just 7 knots of wind!
Easy Set Up
Kitech kites come in a small, lightweight package. It requires no pump but is still water relaunchable. A quick stowing technique ensures that no messy lines need to be untangled when setting up. Simply unfurl your kite, unroll the bar and launch by yourself!
Key Features
All Terrain  Light Wind Machine  Broad Wind Range Huge Jumps  Endless Hang Time  Smooth Landings Excellent Upwind Characteristics  Safe Quick Release Durable Quality  No Pump  Easy Water Relaunch
Fly! 4 Wind Range
Size Wind Speed
6.0 m2
20-38 knots
9.0 m2
15-29 knots
12.0 m2
12-25 knots
15.0 m2
9-22 knots
18.0 m2
7-18 knots
SIZE (m2) 6.0 9.0 12.0 15.0 18.0
Wingspan (m) 5,00 6,55 7,60 8,50 9,95
Projected area (m2) 4,20 6,30 8,40 10,50 12,60
Max width (m) 1,40 1,60 1,85 2,00 2,12
Aspect Ratio 4.2 4.8 4.8 4.8 5.5
Nr. of cells 23 27 29 33 35
Wind range (water) (knts) 16-40 12-32 11-26 8-23 6-19
Main lines (m) 21 21 21 21 21+3
Control System length (cm) 45 50 55 55 60
Price complete* (Euro) 990 1149 1299 1449 1659


Fly! 4 control bar: All Kitech kites have a special, high quality carbon bar, made according to our specifications by the same factory that supplies the best windsurfing and kitesurfing companies. Accurate design, lightweight, durability and comfortable grip are its characteristics.


Our bars come in four different sizes: 45, 50, 55 and […]


Do you wish to learn how to use a power kite or just want to have fun with friends? The Kitech Speedy 5 trainer kite is the right choice for you. speedy_mod

The Speedy 5 is a two line closed-cell training kite is controlled with a bar like the bigger ones. The closed cell technology enables it to be easily self-launched by users of all levels. If you crash the Speedy 5, relaunch from the water or land is a breeze as the kite holds its shape because of the pressure inside the closed cells, unlike other open cell trainer kites.
The Speedy 5 is easy to control, with a solid pull so you can practice in high winds or use it for kite skating and buggying.


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PRICES FOR COMPLETES (kite,  bag, bar with lines)

Official price

6m         990€

9m        1149€

12m      1299€

15m        1449€

 18m       1659€

Trainer kite   199€

Shipping & handling not included

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